What Does the Pro QuickBooks Desktop Package Contain?

In this chapter of QuickBooks Help we would like to provide an overview of Pro package, as the startup package of QuickBooks. Although QuickBooks Help is becoming more and more popular for its cloud based applications, according to active users of the program, the desktop versions still offer more complex features than the cloud based one.

The Pro Package

This package has been deliberately designed for new startup businesses and for those who don’t have any accounting or bookkeeping experience. The easy to use platform allows for an easy data entry and everything is very simple to track down. The data sharing is also just a few clicks away, in case the business owner wants to share data with his or her accountant. If you need additional information on QuickBooks call the QuickBooks Technical Support Number. 

The basic features of the pro package include the following:

–  It’s up to 3 user licenses and allows up to 3 users to work in QuickBooks in the same time.

– The Bill Tracker features unpaid bills, invoices, purchase orders in one place

– The ability to track sales and also expenses in various currencies

– Data import capabilities from Excel and other programs. Also from older versions of QuickBooks Help.

– The Pro can handle over 14.000 separate data list entries

– Keep in mind however that bank and credit card transactions tracker costs extra money.

– It has all the core accounting features : enlisting accounts payable and outstanding, also includes general ledger and bank information

– Automated billing and invoicing system: automated payment collections.

Inventory management: it would keep track of all the supplies you have including order tracking, sales tracking and the tracking of deliveries. You will always be able to see your current levels of supplies.

Financial reporting: trend tracking, the evaluation of profitability, daily, weekly, monthly reports on the loss vs. income and it releases balance sheets too among other options.

Additional payroll options: available for an additional fee, this feature would make the payment of employee salaries based on the working hours and other factors much easier. It would also make the necessary tax deductions too. It can also automatically file tax forms.

Thanks to the great integration system created by Intuit, the Pro package, that’s also represented as the starter package can be quite easily upgraded to the Premier or Enterprise packages. The key difference between each one of the packages is the number of people who are working at the company and who are to use the software.  As QuickBooks Help focuses on the accounting of small to mid-sized businesses, you can freely and happily use it for many years to come.

You can purchase the Pro package as a one-time payment, but this is rather suggested for those, who have an IT infrastructure already built up. The additional support, upgrades and other benefits would  cost an extra money. Annual subscription with support is also available.

Get Intuit QuickBooks support for Error -6087, 0

There are a plethora of errors which will be a cause of a concern for users who are executing QuickBooks Support. Many of those errors are from the error code -6000 series. Error code-6000 can create problems for data which is located in the company file. Getting QuickBooks Support would help you to resolve this error in a short span of time.

Let us understand about the QuickBooks Error -6087, 0. QuickBooks error code 6087, 0 is a simple result of a problem which happens while upgrading QuickBooks accounting software. Patches released by Intuit are specifically functional for the solving the errors and problems with the QuickBooks Support. Nevertheless, often because of unexpected problems with the network connection or because of any virus infected software, this error can be happening in your system.

You can simply resolve this error by executing the solutions given below. These solutions give several issues and can assist you in troubleshooting the error efficiently. However, for best results, it is advised to move chronologically for identifying the root cause of the error and then move to resolve it.

Download the QuickBooks Diagnostic tool from Intuits and Install the software on your system. When you execute the software, try to look for the network problems first. It will take a while for the tool to analyze the whole company file. So if you attempt to troubleshoot network problems before scanning for the damages in the company file, it will help you to save plenty of time. The tool will reveal the network problems after thorough analysis.

Execute the native network connection troubleshooter, for revealing the cause which is creating the network error. On resolving this error, analyze the company file, in case of any remaining errors. This will take a bit longer than expected but it’s quite normal.

Now, resolve all the errors which were identified by the Diagnostic tool and then Restart your system.

Solution 1:  Resolving any network issues. In several instances, the network vanishes while the patch is downloading. This can induce heavy damage in the company file. There is also a strong chance of data loss. Therefore, removing this error is of utmost concern. Also, remember that you will not be able to access the data until you resolve this error.

Solution two involves disabling the third-party security applications.

The Third-party security applications often intervene with the tasks of other software, thereby sometimes hindering or eliminating important data which essential for running the processes or files. You have an option to disable the third-party security software installed on your computer, or uninstall this application once and for all. You can do this by browsing to Control Panel> Programs and Features> Uninstall a Program.

Ultimately, if nothing is solving this error, then you should definitely get in contact with the Intuit QuickBooks Technical Support team. You will get an effective and prompt protocol for resolving the Error -6087, 0.